Fun and easy, you’ll just love going out

With Glide you walk with confidence, and Glide will simply guide you where you want to go.

Get where you
need to go

Glide simply guides the way

Holding Glide’s ergonomic handle in one hand and walking at your own pace, Glide will simply guide you by steering its wheels.

Avoid obstacles

With obstacle detection for both stationary and moving objects, you can confidently navigate high-traffic areas.

Find doors, elevators, stairs, & more

With its camera and sensors, Glide will detect and direct you to key waypoints and line-of-sight targets and apply its haptic handle and automatic braking system when you arrive.

A man walking down a city sidewalk guided by Glide held in his right hand with the wheels in front of his right leg in his right hand to Glide helps him navigate and stay keep a straight line on the sidewalk. There are buildings to the man’s right.

Have your surroundings described with an active scene description

As you walk, voice feedback keeps you updated on relevant details within your environment.

Confidently get around in an indoor space

Get real-time turn-by-turn navigation within large and complex facilities.

Travel independently, across town, or across the world

Navigate airports, train stations, and more.

Glide with your favorite navigation app

Glide is preparing for integration with leading apps to allow a remote assistant to interpret your surroundings visually via Glide’s camera.
Updated Glidance API will enable integration of Glide with outdoor and indoor navigation apps to empower you to get around with Glide using your preferred apps.

Powered by Glidance AI

Glidance AI uses real-time data from an array of advanced sensors to map the best routes, identify targets of interest, and avoid obstacles to get you safely to your destination.

Ways to Glide

Glide is your ultimate walking companion. Navigate busy streets or explore new terrain with freedom and independence.


Pre-program your most frequent routes.


Walk without a set destination. Stay on path & avoid obstacles.

A left-side view of Glide shows the black pole on the left at a 135 45-degree angle from the ground. The wheels are touching the ground, the front of the body is about 1.5” inches from the ground, and the front is about 2” inches from the ground. The back of the body is narrow and close to the wheel; the front of the body projects about 5” inches in front of the wheel and slopes down from the handle.

Walk with confidence with these features

A forward-facing view of Glide with a black vertical pole and contrasting bright white lower body with the Glide logo on the front. The body design is simple, with rounded edges and smooth transitions. The handle at the end of the black pole is white with a black grip and includes a forward-facing camera lens.

Watch Glide in action

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