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Walk with confidence, and let Glide simply guide you to where you want to go.

A new approach to navigating life’s adventures.

Glide is not just a new mobility aid to help you get around. It’s a category-defining innovation in the world of assistive technologies.

By blending intuitive design with cutting-edge navigational robotics and AI, Glide will take you where you need to go comfortably, safely, and independently.

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What can Glide do?

A woman walking down a leafy suburban sidewalk using a Glide device.

Glide simply guides the way
Holding Glide’s ergonomic handle in one hand and walking at your own pace, Glide will simply guide you by steering its wheels.

Avoid obstacles

With obstacle detection for both stationary and moving objects, you can confidently navigate high-traffic areas.

Find doors, elevators, stairs, & more

With its camera and sensors, Glide will detect and direct you to key waypoints and line-of-sight targets and apply its haptic handle and automatic braking system when you arrive.

Have your surroundings described with an active scene description

As you walk, voice feedback keeps you updated on relevant details within your environment.

Pre-mapped and spontaneous walking

Pre-program your most frequent routes or simply start walking without a set destination in mind. Glide will keep you on a path & avoid obstacles..

Powered by Glidance AI

Glidance’s Sensible Wayfinding System is a high intensity computer vision and sense making AI system built by Glidance, which connects all active Glides and powers their ability to understand complex spaces and guide you through them.

It uses real-time data from an array of advanced sensors to map the best routes, identify targets of interest, and avoid obstacles to get you safely to your destination.

Stride confidently with cutting-edge technology.

Technical Features
Navigation Features
Image of Glide device, which has an 8in tall rounded body, with two black 7 inch wheels and a red bumper on the front. An LED ring divides the main body, with black on the lower half and white on the upper half. A handle is attached to the main body by a white telescoping stem. The handle is a softened triangular shape and includes a speaker, microphone, and camera. The grip area is black rubber and includes a centered input button and left and right haptic feedback zones.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Glide be available?

We are eager to make Glide available as soon as possible. We plan to provide a timeline for preorders and limited beta release in July of 2024, and to begin shipping in September of 2025.

I’m an orientation and mobility instructor; how do I learn more about Glide?

Please write to us at; we will contact you to discuss Glide training.

How long does it take to learn how to use Glide?

Glide’s intuitive design and onboarding tutorial will help you get started on your familiar routes as soon as you get the device.

Is Glide easy to use?

Yes, Glide is very easy to use; you walk, and Glide steers the way while avoiding obstacles and keeping you safe. You will quickly get a feel for its movement and learn to follow its path, steer by twisting the handle, quickly pick up speed, and gain confidence.

What is the price of Glide?

Our aim is to make Glide an affordable and accessible consumer device for as many people as possible – while still providing exceptional functionality, rugged durability and lasting quality. The initial retail price for the device will be $1499 USD.

How long does the battery last?

Glide will run for a full day on a single charge with up to 6 hours of active use. It can be easily charged using a standard power outlet.

Is Glide suitable for both blind and low-vision individuals?

Glide is designed to assist anyone with limited sight to navigate outdoor and indoor environments safely and independently. That includes blind and low-vision individuals and people with temporary sight loss, night blindness, and other conditions.

Can Glide be used in the rain?

Glide is water resistant and can be used in rainy conditions.

How does Glide handle differences in elevation (stairs, curbs, etc)?

In the case of stairs, Glide will guide you to the beginning of a staircase and tell you when you arrive, at which point you will carry it up or down the stairs.

Glide will recognize curbs, drop-offs, and potholes, steer you safely among them while keeping you at a safe distance, and alert you with voice and haptic feedback as needed.

How do I get started with Glide?

To get started with Glide, please register below to join our Glider program or contact us for more information!

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