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Glide your way to independence.

Glide is the world’s first self-driving mobility aid for people with sight loss.

Fun and easy, you’ll just love going out

You walk with confidence, and Glide will simply guide you where you want to go.

Just grab your Glide and walk with confidence. Glide will guide you to your destination or just keep you to a safe path and leave it to you to steer the way, giving you full autonomy and independence.

Portable, light and versatile, Glide uses advanced technology to help you safely and smoothly weave your way among obstacles and people, and make your way to a near by door, steps or a park bench.

Easy to use

Smart technology for effortless mobility.


No fancy backflips, just what you need to get back out there.

Quick to learn

Our friendly design means you'll be up and running in no time.

Feel confident

Without hesitation, anxiety, or getting lost.


How does Glide work.


How does Glide work.

The device incorporates robotics, sensors, and software, providing a balance of support and independence. Designed ergonomically, Glide is accessible and customizable to your needs. With haptic and audio feedback, enjoy a safe walking experience.

Glide is your ultimate walking companion. Navigate busy streets or explore new terrain with freedom and independence.

Get started with Glide

Please register with us to be invited to reserve your Glide.

In registering your interest we will reach out to you to learn about your situation and offer you the option to take part in our early adopter program and reserve your Glide.

About us.

Pioneering mobility innovations.

Glidance is at the forefront of the mobility revolution, passionately dedicated to developing pioneering solutions that enhance the lives of individuals around the world.

We believe that everyone deserves the freedom to move with confidence, which is why we design human-centered products that are both functional and easy to use, empowering our users to live life to the fullest.

Our founders.

Amos Miller, Glidance founder.

Our founders.

Amos Miller and Mike Sinclair founded Glidance, a company committed to changing the world for the better.

Amos lost his sight in his 20s and struggled with using a cane. His experience inspired him to use his tech expertise to develop something better.

Mike, a mechanical engineering expert and researcher and inventor, shared Amos’s vision and together they founded Glidance.

Their mission is to improve people’s lives through advanced autonomous driving and robotics technology.

At Glidance, we believe that everyone should be able to move through the world with ease and Confidence.

Join our mission.

Glide with us.

If you are seeking to make a meaningful impact Glidance offers the chance to be part of something truly special.

Contact us to be part of our mission.

Frequently asked questions

  • When will Glide be available?

    Glide is currently in development and we look forward to communicate ship timeframes later in 2023.

  • Will Glide be suitable for both blind and low vision individuals?

    Yes, Glide is designed to assist both blind and low vision individuals to navigate outdoor and indoor environments safely and independently.

  • How does Glide work?

    Glide uses passive kinetic guidance through a pole with a handle connected to a small mobile platform with wheels that steer and break. It identifies the user’s location and both static and dynamic obstacles to steer the user and apply/release the brakes.

  • Is Glide easy to use?

    Yes, Glide is portable and lightweight, making it easy to use in indoor and outdoor environments. It has two modes of control: Glide-directed and User- directed, which makes it convenient for users to choose the mode they prefer.

  • How long does the battery last?

    The battery life of Glide is approximately 8 hours, depending on usage. It can be easily charged using a standard power outlet.

  • What is the price of Glide?

    Pricing will be announced later in the year, however we plan to retail at a similar pricing of a mobile phone package. Early reservations will enjoy a 20% discount on the retail price.

  • How do I get started with Glide?

    To get started with Glide, please fill the reservation form or contact us for more information.

  • How long does it take to learn how to use Glide?

    Most people can become proficient with Glide in a matter of hours or days, thanks to its intuitive design and simple Operation.