Glidance Unveils New Breakthrough Design for the Blind at the Future of Everything Festival

May 20, 2024
Image of new Glide product, showing man with friends on the street.
  • Award-winning assistive technology start-up, Glidance, debuts new product look at the Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival
  • Glide, the innovative mobility aid for the blind, has the potential to transform the lives of over 7 million visually impaired Americans, and 338 million across the world
  • Glidance has also launched its deposit program allowing early customers to reserve their Glide
  • Their inaugural Demo Day with members of the community will be held in New York on May 23 at the Helen Keller Services

Seattle, WA, May 20th 2024: Glidance, the revolutionary assistive technology start-up, has unveiled their sleek new look Glide product exclusively at the Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival in New York. Concurrently, the award-winning tech firm has launched its deposit program for interested customers to reserve their Glide with an early down payment. At the Festival, held at Spring Studios in Manhattan on May 21 – 22, visitors can experience the world’s first self-guided mobility aid which is designed to help people with sight loss navigate along streets and in buildings, using state-of-the-art AI, sensors and robotics. Also, Glidance will host its first-ever Demo Day at the Helen Keller Services in New York on May 23 with blind and deaf-blind community members.

Over 7 million US residents have vision loss or blindness, increasing to at least 338 million worldwide. Since launching the prototype, feedback from the blind low vision (BLV) community has been overwhelmingly positive with many providing insights into how they would use Glide and what features should be prioritized. In response to this, Glidance has launched its deposit program at the Festival enabling interested customers to reserve their Glide for a one-time only 40% discount from the retail price of $1,499, making it $899. The discount will apply to orders made in the first 60 days of the official Pre-Sale event, which will be held this summer.

The new look Glide can be found in the Lab, a space dedicated to showcasing the latest pioneering technologies and engaging product demos. As one of only 16 Lab participants, delegates will be offered a hands-on demonstration at the Glidance booth to experience the transformative nature of Glide. The team attending includes all three Co-Founders, Amos Miller, CEO, Luke Buckberrough, Head of Growth, and Kyle Buzzard, Head of Product. Amos became blind in his 20s and has been instrumental in developing Glidance’s vision and first product.

Commenting on the news, Amos Miller, said:

“As a blind father and husband, I am just so thrilled with the energy and excitement around our work on Glide to improve the lives of so many. Following our energising success at CES 2024 and the warm welcome we received at CSUN 2024, the Future of Everything Festival is the ideal place for us to unveil our new look, award-winning Glide product. The live demos will give everyone the chance to experience how it feels to walk with Glide, as we aim to transform the lives of over 7 million Americans. It’s fitting that the event is taking place in New York, where many people with visual impairment live and work. I am excited also to meet with everyone at our inaugural Glide Demo Day with the blind low vision community at the Helen Keller Services. We hope to see you there!”

The Glide is a small friendly looking device with two 7 inch wheels, a stem and a handle that is held at waist level. To use it, you simply hold the handle and start walking. Glide’s sensors and camera system detect the surroundings, to plot safe pathways around objects, and guide you to a specified destination by turning its wheels and applying brakes as needed. Glide can inform you of your surroundings using a speaker or Bluetooth connection to a wireless headset for more discreet navigation. The first of its kind, Glide is designed as an affordable consumer device, using the latest technologies in advanced robotics and AI.

The Glide Demo Day, held at the Helen Keller Services on Thursday May 23, is the first time that the blind and low vision community will be able to test and learn about Glide outside of a formal event. Due to the prototype nature of the product, all demos will be controlled by a Glidance engineer using a remote-control system based on real-life situations as experienced by Amos. The day is open to all to attend with registration required. Further Demo Days will be announced soon through the Glidance newsletter and website. Subscribe here:

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