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Glide is the world’s first self-guided primary mobility aid designed to further your independence and help you live life to the fullest.

You hold Glide’s ergonomic handle in one hand while walking at your own pace, and Glide will guide you by steering its wheels or braking if needed.  

Glide is powered by our proprietary Glidance AI, which uses real-time data from an array of advanced sensors to map the best routes, identify targets of interest, and avoid obstacles to get you safely to your destination

Glide will help you confidently navigate high-traffic areas through its obstacle and hazard detection, identifying both stationary and moving objects. It can also detect overhead obstacles like branches, signs, and other hazards.

How does Glide find targets like doors, elevators, stairs, people & more?

With its camera and sensors, Glide will detect and direct you to key waypoints and line-of-sight targets, at which point it will automatically brake and alert you with voice and haptic feedback. In the future, we will add functionality that will enable you to track and follow a specific individual.

How do I navigate with Glide?

With Glide, you can walk freely and safely without a set destination in mind, create and save your favorite routes, or enter a destination on an app like Google Maps to help you get to your desired location. See “Secondary Features” in the “Features” chapter of the FAQs for more information.

How long does it take to learn how to use Glide? 

Glide is very easy to learn and use; you walk, and Glide steers the way while avoiding obstacles and keeping you safe. You will quickly get a feel for its movement and learn to follow its path, steer by twisting the handle, quickly pick up speed, and gain confidence. Glide’s intuitive design and onboarding tutorials will help you get started on your familiar routes as soon as you get the device. 

What does Glide look like?

The Glide device’s main body is about the size of a soccer ball, with two wheels at the base and an extendable handle that you can comfortably hold at waist level. It has a friendly, approachable design and a comfortable handle. The design features LEDs that can light up for visibility and elements that help people understand that it is an assistive device.

Who Glide Is For

Is Glide suitable for both blind and low-vision individuals?

Glide is designed to assist anyone whose sight loss impacts their ability to navigate outdoor and indoor environments safely and independently. This includes blind and low-vision individuals, people with temporary sight loss, night blindness, and others.

Does Glide replace a guide dog and/or white cane?

Glide is a primary mobility aid that enables independent mobility without a guide dog or cane. However, it can also be a great additional tool for people who already proficiently use a guide dog or cane.

Can I use Glide with my cane, walker, rollator or wheelchair?

Glide is meant to guide you, and it does not provide support for balance in any way. It is held in one hand, and may be used with a support cane held in the other hand on flat and safe environments. We believe it unsafe and strongly advise against the use of Glide with a support cane on steps or any other environment where you may need to hold a rail for additional support.

We strongly advise against the use of Glide in conjunction with a walker or rollator because you will need to use one hand to hold Glide and may lose balance while doing so. We understand the need and are considering integration with rollators and walkers in future models.

If you are considering to use Glide with a wheelchair, be aware that Glide was designed to guide a person walking, and that you will need to dedicate one hand to hold Glide. At this stage, Glide does not have a wheelchair guidance mode and therefore it may be unsafe to rely on its guidance.

Does Glide work for deafblind individuals?

The main feedback from Glide is the turning and braking of the wheels, which you feel through the handle. Glide also has haptics on each side of the handle that can buzz to convey information. In addition, it can connect to other Bluetooth accessories that can translate audio.

Features & Functionality

The following are the features we expect to have ready for launch, though there may be changes as we go through our beta program and learn.

Software Features:

  • Automatic steering and braking
  • Physical obstacle avoidance with drop-off detection
  • Basic object detection (door, chair, stairs, curb, etc.)
  • Line of sight object targeting with local path planning
  • Basic IOS and Android App for setup, onboarding and Over-The-Air updates


Hardware Features

  • Telescoping handle with comfortable grip
  • Left and right haptic feedback in the handle
  • Two buttons and twist feature in the handle for device input
  • Built in speaker, microphones and Bluetooth connection for audio feedback
  • Rechargeable battery for 6+ hours of active use
  • USB-C charging port
  • Large replaceable wheels
  • LED illumination for safety and visibility
  • Water resistant design to resist rain and splashes
  • Weighs under 8 pounds


Enhanced Software Features

(Delivered post-launch with Over-the-Air updates)

  • Scene description
  • Voice interaction
  • Guidance on pre-trained routes
  • 3rd party multi-waypoint journey planners
  • API Integration with 3rd party services
  • Live stream video

Can I adjust the volume of the speaker?

Yes, you can adjust the volume from the speaker via a voice command or through the smartphone app. You can also choose to have the audio go through a Bluetooth audio connection instead.

Pricing & Availability

What is the price of Glide?

Our aim is to make Glide an affordable and accessible consumer device for as many people as possible – while still providing exceptional functionality, rugged durability and lasting quality. The initial retail price for the device will be $1499 USD, plus a monthly subscription currently estimated to be $40 USD per month. This subscription is for the use of the Glidance Sensible Wayfinding service, our high intensity computer vision and sensemaking AI system which lies at the heart of the Glide experience. You can find more on this below. 


When will Glide be available?

We are eager and working to make Glide available as soon as possible! We plan to begin taking preorders this summer (dates to be released before July 1st, 2024), begin beta testing in the fall, and estimate delivery of the product in September of 2025.

Why is a Subscription Service necessary for Glide?

While the initial purchase cost of Glide covers the physical hardware, to activate Glide and use its full set of capabilities, you will need an active subscription estimated to be $40 USD per month. This subscription is for the use of the Glidance Sensible Wayfinding service, which lies at the heart of the Glide experience.

Glidance Sensible Wayfinding is a high intensity computer vision and sensemaking AI system built by Glidance, which spans cloud services connected to all active Glides and powers Glide’s ability to understand complex spaces and guide you through them.

Unlike LLM and GPT AI systems which are mainly focused on language, Glidance Sensible Wayfinding’s uniqueness lies in its ability to learn to navigate complex indoor and outdoor pedestrian environments in real-time.

Glide will continue to learn from your own use and from that of others, and based on that learning will over time help you manage in more demanding situations.

We will never allow the need for a subscription to be a barrier to your use of Glide as your go-to mobility aid and will never leave you stranded. The stated $40 per month is our best estimate at this stage, and we welcome feedback from the community on pricing options that can work for you. Please write to us with your thoughts at

Where will Glide be available?

We plan to launch Glide in the United States, Canada, EU, and UK first, and are exploring timelines to reach other markets. We will communicate more precise location timelines as soon as we can. 

What languages will Glide have available?

Glide will initially launch with English as the primary language, but we are working quickly on localization to include as many languages as possible.

Throughout the end of 2024 and into 2025, Glidance will be hosting Demo Days in major cities for individuals to experience Glide for themselves. Stay tuned to our newsletter for upcoming dates and locations!

In addition, we will be offering a 60-day full refund policy, with a minimum requirement that you use the device for 30 days. This means that after 30 days of use, if you would like to return the Glide for any reason, we will take the device back and fully refund you the cost of the device.

How does Glide handle stairs, curbs, drop-offs, and potholes?

In the case of stairs, Glide will guide you to the beginning of a staircase and tell you when you arrive, at which point you will carry it up or down the stairs. Glide will recognize curbs, drop-offs, and potholes, steer you safely among them while keeping you at a safe distance, and alert you with voice and haptic feedback as needed.

Can Glide help me cross streets and intersections?

Glide can recognize intersections and curb cuts, provide voice and haptic feedback when you reach a crossing point, and keep you on a straight line while you cross. However, Glide will always rely on the user to determine when it is safe to cross.

Can Glide be used in the rain and snow?

Glide is water resistant and can be used in rainy conditions. Snow and ice are challenging conditions, and while Glide will not be optimized for use in ice and snow at launch, this is a capability we will work to provide through over-the-air updates.

Can Glide be used off-road?

Glide is designed to be used outside, both on and off paved surfaces. Its large wheels and durable body allow it to traverse bumpy sidewalks and accessible trails. With drop-off detection, it will avoid curbs, potholes, and other hazardous obstacles. We are also considering offering swappable wheels to address loose surfaces like sand.

Can Glide detect overhead obstacles?

Glide has sensors and a camera that can detect overhead obstacles like a tree branch, helping you steer around them or alerting you to their presence if there is not a clear path around them.

Will Glide work underground, in subways, etc?

Core features like obstacle avoidance and line-of-sight targeting will work in offline or GPS disrupted scenarios like this, but the full suite of navigation and AI features make not be accessible.

Eventually yes, Glide will be able to track and follow an individual person, but this is a more advanced feature that may not be ready at launch.

Traveling with Glide

How much does Glide weigh?

The Glide is designed to weigh around 5 pounds, so it is easy to carry and transport as needed.

How does Glide handle crowds and tight spaces?

Glide’s obstacle detection and sensible wayfinding technologies will help you keep pace with the people in front of you, steering, slowing down, or stopping if needed to avoid collisions.

How easy is it to travel with Glide?

Glide has an internal lithium-ion battery that must be carried on the plane. It is designed to be quite compact, fitting in an overhead bin, your carry-on bag, or between your feet.

Connectivity and Battery

Will Glide require a smartphone?

Yes. The Glide app must be wirelessly connected to your smartphone device for setup, account preferences, and device updates. It must also be wirelessly connected to your phone to use advanced AI features and navigation on the go.

Will the Glide app work on iOS and Android smartphones?


How long does the battery last?

Glide will run up to a full day on a single charge with 6+ hours of active use. It can be easily recharged using a standard phone charger and USB-C cable.

Deposit Program

Starting on May 20th, we’re offering a 500 of our earliest supporters to get in early for a very generous discount.

With a $100 fully-refundable deposit, Founding Gliders will receive:

  • 40% off Glide’s retail price of $1499 USD when we launch preorders this summer.
  • Free first three months of subscription service ($40 USD/month).
  • Be the first in line to receive your Glide, with expected delivery in September 2025.
  • Future benefits, offers, and early-access opportunities for Founding Gliders.

We’re committed to building Glide with and for our community.

We believe that getting to know our customers, their needs, and their lived experiences is a crucial part of the process of co-creating a technology with such significant potential impact as Glide.

As a result, we believe that it’s only fair to offer a deep financial incentive (40% off Glide’s retail price) to our earliest supporters in exchange for their show of support and commitment to us.

There is a link at the top of the page to place your deposit or you can just click here to place your deposit. The link will take you to the deposits page where you can read all the information about the deposit program. Do take the time to read it through there is no need to rush. Finally you will click on “deposit now”, and the credit card page will open, where you put your email address, credit card details and billing address. After making your payment you will receive two emails: a receipt and a confirmation of your deposit for a Glide.

If you have any difficulties drop us a note to

When you make a $100 deposit, we will hold that deposit until we begin taking preorders. Preorder launch is currently planned for this summer, and we will be announcing the specific dates on or before July 1st, 2024.

When we accept preorders, you will receive a unique code for a 40% discount on our retail price (less the $100 you’ve already paid), as well as receiving the first three months of Glide’s subscription service for free. When we begin shipping the product, which we currently estimate to be September 2025, you will be among the first in line to receive your Glide.

To redeem your 40% discount, you must preorder your Glide within the first 60 days of us launching our preorder campaign. You can refund your deposit at any time before those 60 days by writing us at

Your $100 deposit can be fully refunded at any time between now and 60 days after our preorder launch. You can email to request a refund.

If you preorder a Glide, once the device ships we will be offering a 60-day full refund policy, with a minimum requirement that you use the device for 30 days. This means that after 30 days of use, if you would like to return the Glide for any reason, we will take the device back and fully refund you.

Beta Testing Program

What is the Beta testing program?

The goal of the Beta program is to test pre-production versions of Glide in as many conditions and environments as possible. The beta program will start with around 20 units and grow in scale as needed. Each unit will stay with the tester for up to two weeks, during which time our team will interact with you and collect feedback about your experience with the device.

Can I be a Beta tester?

We appreciate all the interest from so many of you to participate in the beta program.

We will extend invitations to participate in the beta program based on information from the registration survey you completed, with the goal of testing and getting feedback in as wide a range of locations and scenarios as possible. Pre-ordering the device is NOT a requirement to be considered for Beta testing.

Where are you Beta testing?

We will begin testing in a few US cities and expand across the US, Canada, and potentially Europe and the UK. Please note that the final locations have not yet been decided.

What happens if I’m selected?

This will be a high-commitment role where you will test a Glide Beta device in various scenarios to help us validate the device’s capabilities in a range of settings representative of day-to-day use.

You will be asked to take notes on your experiences and provide written feedback on the device’s performance and issues during use. You will then be asked to ship the device back to us so that it can go to another tester.

Is there compensation for being a Beta tester?

We recognize the value being contributed by our community through the beta testing program, and will compensate participants for their contribution.

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