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The next leap in assistive mobility technologies.

Our mission

To empower every person with sight loss.

Glidance is at the forefront of the mobility revolution, passionately dedicated to developing pioneering solutions that enhance the lives of individuals worldwide.

We believe everyone deserves the freedom to move confidently, which is why we design human-centered products that are functional and easy to use, empowering our users to live life to the fullest.

A woman with Glide in her left hand and an umbrella in her right walks across a city street crosswalk on a rainy day.

Our vision

Every person with sight loss can get out and about

At Glidance we imagine a world in which every person with sight loss can get out and about. This energizes our team and is why we do what we do. We exist to empower people with sight loss to fully participate as engaged members of society through advancements in AI and autonomous systems.

Our story

Glidance isn’t just a product company; it’s a personal journey for our Founder and CEO, Amos. After losing his sight in his 20s due to a genetic eye condition, he refused to let it hold him back. Amos knew first-hand the challenges the visually impaired community faced and was passionate about using technology to break down barriers for the community.

As a former product executive at Microsoft Research, Amos dedicated his career to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. He was also Chairman of the Board at Guide Dogs for the Blind (UK), where he learned how to serve the visually impaired community better. But Amos didn’t stop there. He founded the Microsoft Soundscape navigation app for people with sight loss, which has since helped countless people navigate the world around them.

Then, with the vision of a world where everyone with sight loss can get out and about, Amos created Glide. Glide is more than just a tool for getting from point to point. It’s empowerment for the visually impaired. Amos and the Glidance team are paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Glidance Co-founder, Amos Miller.

Awards and recognitions

At Glidance, we take pride in our commitment to delivering an outstanding product. These awards stand as testaments to our dedication, showcasing the recognition we’ve received from industry experts and peers.
A father using Glide in his right hand is walking through a café hand in hand with his young daughter.
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