Our work on Glide featured on CBS Boston tv news

September 29, 2023
CEO Amos Miller participating in a CBS News interview in Boston. The image captures the moment as he shares insights and information, representing Glidance's presence and engagement with the media to discuss their innovative technology.

Congratulations to Glidance Inc! The recent television broadcast featuring Glide, your self-guided mobility aid, marks a significant milestone in reaching a broader audience. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to everyone at MassRobotics for their invaluable partnership and support. This collaboration has empowered Glidance to contribute towards revolutionizing independent mobility for individuals with sight loss. The televised showcase not only highlights the innovative features of Glide but also underscores the commitment of both Glidance and MassRobotics to making a positive impact in enhancing accessibility and independence for those facing mobility challenges. Cheers to the continued success of this transformative initiative!

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