Glidance Announces “Virtual” Demo Day For Breakthrough Glide Product, June 24th, 2024

June 11, 2024
Image with an announcement of Glide virtual demo day
  • Glidance first virtual demo day to be held on Monday June 24th 10.00 am PST/5.00 pm GMT 
  • Event is open to everyone who is blind or has low vision, works with or knows those from the BLV community 
  • Delegates will get to hear first-hand how Glide works and how it tackles navigational scenarios as well as getting their questions answered  

Seattle, WA, June 11 2024: Award-winning assistive tech start-up, Glidance, has announced its first ever virtual Glide demo day to be held on Monday June 24th 10.00 am PST/5.00 pm GMT. The online session includes scenario demos, a deep dive discussion on Glide’s cutting-edge technologies, a physical description of how it looks and works ending with Q&A. Already proving popular with over 200 attendees, registration is required to participate.  

The inaugural event follows a successful Glide deposit program where just over 400 community members, known as Founding Gliders, have confirmed their intent to get their own Glide. Glide’s community has been growing steadily over the past six months, with many providing critical feedback on the product as Glidance continues design development ahead of market launch in 2025. Recently, Glidance held its first dedicated demo day in New York at Helen Keller Services with a second in person day to be held in Toronto on June 21st with the Canadian Institute for the Blind (CNIB) Smartech

Glidance is the brainchild of blind entrepreneur, Amos Miller. With his extensive background in tech including leading the development of Microsoft’s Soundscape project, Amos took inspiration from that alongside the creation of other autonomous vehicle and robotic products to invent Glide. Glide is the world’s first self-navigation mobility aid for the blind and visually impaired using a unique combination of robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), sensors and haptics to guide the user to their destination which is either pre-determined or free walking.   

Commenting on the virtual demo day, Glidance CEO and cofounder, Amos Miller said: 

“I’m super excited for our first virtual demo day. The interest in our beautiful product from the blind low vision community has been incredible and not just how many, but also the depth of detail and conversations we have. It’s important to us that we show Glide, in its prototype stage, to as many people as possible so that we can understand how they wish to use it and what functionality is critical. We are truly developing this in partnership with our community and I’m looking forward to welcoming as many as possible to our demo.” 

In the US there are over 7 million people who are registered blind and this rises to 40 million worldwide with over 330 million experiencing sight loss. As populations continue to expand and age, blindness and sight loss are on the increase across the globe with conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration on the rise. 

Register for the event here

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