Glide prototype 3 debut at CES 2024

January 9, 2024
Glidance CEO Amos Miller, accompanied by two employees, stands alongside Mussie, a deaf and blind individual who just experienced a positive demonstration of Glide at CES 2024. The image reflects a moment of connection, inclusion, and the positive impact of technology on accessibility.

Our team at Glidance is excited and honored to exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Glide prototype 3 introduces advancements in autonomous shore-lining and obstacle avoidance capabilities, a new sleek design with larger wheels for smoother travel, a solid build for endurance, and further adaptations to the ergonomic handle design.

The device’s feature on live breakfast TV in Japan indicates a global recognition of its innovation, and having the iconic Stevie Wonder test drive the device adds a remarkable celebrity touch. The emotional impact on a deaf-blind individual, bringing tears of joy at the newfound freedom to walk, highlights the device’s profound significance. Glidance’s creation has indeed become a spectacle, capturing attention and making a meaningful impact at one of the world’s premier technology events.

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