Glidance Raises $1.5 Million in Oversubscribed Pre-Seed Funding Round.

July 2, 2024

  • Award-winning assistive technology start-up Glidance has raised $1.5 million USD in pre-seed investment round to bring about a new era of independence for the blind. 
  • This success follows their popular deposit program launched on May 20th at The Wall Street Journal Future of Everything Festival, which was also oversubscribed before ending on June 30th.

Seattle, WA, July 2, 2024: Glidance is thrilled to announce the successful closure and oversubscription of our pre-seed funding round, raising $1.5 million USD. This funding milestone will accelerate the development of Glide, our innovative solution designed to bring about a new era of independence for the blind and visually impaired.  

Glide is an intuitive and affordable solution that leverages AI and navigational robotics to help blind and low vision individuals enhance their independence and live life to the fullest. Glide’s groundbreaking technology adapts to an individual’s pace while ensuring a safe path, avoiding obstacles, and providing a comprehensive understanding of their surroundings through audio and haptic feedback.

The round saw participation from prominent investors, including Grep VC, Prota Ventures, Greenwood & Cavalier, St. Johns Community Service, Alliance of Angels, TiE Oregon Angels, and other industry-leading angel investors and groups. Their belief in our mission to revolutionize independent mobility for the blind and low vision community underscores their belief that there is a substantial market of consumers seeking this new category of primary mobility aid which Glide aims to brings to market next year.

Paul Willard, Managing Director of Grep VC, added “Glidance confirms the technology optimist in us all. Great founders can apply cutting-edge tech to improve lives so powerfully that they also create powerful value propositions for business and investors.”  

Glidance is dedicated to solving the critical issue of safe and independent navigation for the blind and visually impaired community. 98% of blind individuals choose not to leave home alone due to the lack of accessible navigation options. In the US, there are 7.3 million visually impaired people, but only a small fraction have access to white canes and guide dogs due to limited programs, training courses, and funding. Glide addresses this enormous gap by providing an intelligent, intuitive, and easy-to-use mobility aid that physically guides users, allowing them to move confidently and independently while avoiding obstacles. 

Amos Miller, co-founder & CEO of Glidance, shared his excitement:

“We have closed and even oversubscribed our pre-seed funding round, placing Glidance on a solid financial footing for our next phase of work. Guidance is deeply personal to me.

After losing my sight in my 20s due to a genetic eye condition, I understood the challenges faced by the visually impaired community. This personal experience motivated me to create Glide—a solution I needed and wished for myself. As a former product executive at Microsoft Research and Chairman of the Board at Guide Dogs for the Blind (UK), I dedicated my career to leveraging technology to break down barriers. Glide, powered by cutting-edge AI and robotics technologies, demonstrates that when such technologies address meaningful human needs, they can create a venture-scale business with a substantial impact. We are deeply grateful to our incredible investors, who continue to challenge and guide us in shaping our business model and strategy.

With this funding, Glidance will accelerate product development and launch their Alpha and BETA tests in late summer and early fall across Canada, the US, Europe, and the UK. Additionally, the funds will support the expansion of our core engineering team and community engagement initiatives, such as our demo day series, which allows people to experience Glide firsthand. This allows our team to build Glide out in the open with its community, making sure that the users themselves have a say and voice in the development of Glide.   

Our work at Glidance represents an opportunity and a significant responsibility. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our early investors for believing in us and joining us on this incredible journey, as well as the support, passion, excitement, and insights from our community of Gliders. 

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Luke Buckberrough 
Cofounder & Head of Growth  
+1 403 888 9363 

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