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Two women walk through a public garden on a path. The woman on the left holds Glide in her left hand for guidance while her friend strolls beside her.

Frequently asked questions

When will Glide be available?

We are eager to make Glide available as soon as possible. We plan to begin taking preorders in early 2024 and provide a timeline for a limited beta release in the spring of 2024.

Is Glide suitable for both blind and low-vision individuals?

Glide is designed to assist anyone with limited sight to navigate outdoor and indoor environments safely and independently. That includes blind and low-vision individuals and people with temporary sight loss, night blindness, and other conditions.

I’m an orientation and mobility instructor; how do I learn more about Glide?

Please write to us at; we will contact you to discuss Glide training.

Is Glide easy to use?

Yes, Glide is very easy to use; you walk, and Glide steers the way while avoiding obstacles and keeping you safe. You will quickly get a feel for its movement and learn to follow its path, steer by twisting the handle, quickly pick up speed, and gain confidence.

How long does it take to learn how to use Glide?

Glide’s intuitive design and onboarding tutorial will help you get started on your familiar routes as soon as you get the device.

How do I get started with Glide?

To get started with Glide, please register to join our preorder program or contact us for more information.

How long does the battery last?

Glide will run for a full day on a single charge with up to 6 hours of active use. It can be easily charged using a standard power outlet.

Can Glide be used in the rain?

Glide is water resistant and can be used in rainy conditions.

What is the price of Glide?

Retail Pricing will be announced nearer to launch, and is expected to be similar to the cost of a cellphone package.

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