Gliding at the Blinded Veterans Conference

August 15, 2023
The logo of the Blinded Veterans Association incorporates patriotic red, white, and blue colors, accompanied by the text 'Blinded Veterans Association - Serving Blinded Veterans Since World War II.' The emblem, adorned with stars, signifies the organization's dedicated support for visually impaired veterans, encapsulating a spirit of patriotism and historical service.

In August we were honored to be invited to participate at the Blinded Veterans Association conference in St. Louis. The conference served as a pivotal platform to connect with the community of blinded veterans, and we were able to engaged in insightful discussions, demonstrations of Glide prototype 2, and explore new collaborations with the VA and the community. We tested Glide with over 40 participants, and the positive reception and interaction gave us the confidence and energy to power forward. We are grateful to Tim Hornik and the entire team at the Blinded Veterans Association for the unique and rewarding opportunity.

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